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About our company

We are not just a licensed cocoa buying company, we are the farmers' LBC of choice

Company Profile

Royal Commodities Ltd is one of four LBCs which are part of Global Haulage Group, a Ghanaian company. It was established in 1998 by Alhaji Iddrisu Adamu of blessed memory with the sole aim of taking up the opportunities presented by the liberalization of the internal marketing of cocoa in 1993.

Royal Commodities, although is part of the holding company Global Haulage Limited, is an autonomous privately owned limited liability company with a Board of Directors. It is licensed by Cocobod as a licensed cocoa buying company. It is one of 28 existing licensed cocoa buying companies operating in the industry.


Royal Commodities operates in 33 districts, grouped into 6 sector areas within all the cocoa growing regions in Ghana.


In addition to its core business of licensed buying of cocoa beans, Royal Commodities also engages in allied services complementary to its main business.

Such services include:

  • Cocoa haulage
  • Extension/ Training
  • Capacity building
  • Supply of sustainable cocoa beans
  • Cocoa cash advance to farmers


We work to establish and strengthen our bond with farmers and other stakeholders with the goal of empowering farmers, growing our company and improving the lives of the people within the communities where we operate. We do this by providing training and incentives for farmers to increase their produce, offering the best prices for cocoa beans and allocating GHC 10.00 to the communities for every ton of cocoa we purchase.



To empower farmers, build trust and become farmers’ first LBC of choice.


We don't only buy cocoa beans, We make an impact.


Strong Bond

We always strive to establish, strengthen and maintain our bond with farmers and other stakeholders. We don't only buy from the farmers, we form a lasting relation with them.


Training & Incentives

We offer intensive training for our farmers and best practices and how to maximise land use. We also offer incentives for farmers to increase their produce and enhance their livelihood.


Fair Pricing

Royal Commodities Ltd offers the best and fairest prices for cocoa beans


Giving Back

As part of our efforts to support the farmers and the community, we allocate GHC 1.00 to the communities for every bag of cocoa we purchase